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Welcome Happy Healers

to Your Community Healing Center 
Reiki Healer * Psychic Medium * Healer

Love. Light. Joy. Gratitude. Happiness. 
These are the guiding principles that you will encounter inside your community healing center. Nestled in the beautiful Upstate of SC, and accessible across the Universe Jenn has been bringing healing to the community on an energetic level for over 20 years.

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It's the language that I speak the best! In my world it all boils down to energy. Everything carries a frequency, a vibration that can be interpreted on an emotional level and I happen to be able to interpret it! This is incredibly helpful when it comes to identifying the areas of the body that are carrying residual trauma that are resulting in an energetic state of dis-ease. We go in, find it, release it (because it certainly isn't helping you), and raise you to a higher level. Sounds epic, right? I totally love what I do.

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"Here's a simple idea that seems almost radical in today's society: A community coming together with an abundance of love, kindness and acceptance to offer each person regardless of sexual, racial, political or spiritual orientation."

Jennifer L. Kensler-Lehman

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