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Raise the frequency at your next meeting or convention!

Requesting Jenn as your next guest speaker 

Combining years of experience in the corporate world with years of experience in the healing world can make for one powerful experience. It was through experiences in consulting, traveling, lobbying, and healing work that Jenn has created a dynamic presentation discussing "Vibrational Leadership". 

Known for her upbeat, enthusiastic approach on overcoming challenges in the workplace, this presentation allows the participants to see a new perspective towards their current situations, and inspires others to bring their best selves forward no matter the challenge. 

If you've been looking for something new to add to your leadership team, looking for something refreshing and positive at your next convention or meeting, and/or wanting to raise out of "the clock" mentality, "Vibrational Leadership" allows participants to release any old thoughts, feelings and beliefs they may have in the work place and replace it with a contagious level of happiness. 

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