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All The Feels......

When I hear the word "Empath" I immediately think "feels". Meaning, this is a person who feels things on a level that others may not. You may be wondering, "well what level do you mean, Jenn" and that's where things get a little bit deeper.

The levels that I am referring to are the levels that correspond with the depths of our emotions. The saying "the deeper you go the better you feel" kind of hits the nail on the head (as long as you don't add a "that's what she said" joke to it). Every Empath is going to feel on different levels and in different ways, it's kind of what makes us all so unique. What I may feel as a physical sensation someone else may feel as a memory recall. Both of these are just a small reference to the types of levels of feelings I'm talking about.

Let me give you an example of something that has actually happened to me that you might be able to relate to. One day, I was walking through a local grocery store with my shopping cart, and kept passing by this one woman. She was by herself, and at some point I was turning into an aisle she was leaving and although we didn't crash, we totally almost did (ha!). We made eye contact (never touching each other) and it hit me; grief, sadness, shock. I felt it and I felt it hard, almost like the crash happened on an energetic level instead of with the physical shopping cart.

I actually felt these emotions as if they were my own, but I know now how to recognize these moments for what they are. For the longest time I would feel these things and think it was just me, making things up in my mind for what I would all of a sudden feel a completely different mood/emotion(s). I've learned that when I recognize a shift to stop, place my hands on my chest, and say "is this even mine?". That simple ritual has become an integral part of my life and most likely the only way I'm ever able to handle large crowds or big box stores lol.

All of these feelings in a brief moment in time (which felt like forever in my mind) and the woman begins to apologize to me for almost causing the accident. Before I could say anything else, she is telling me that her family just suffered a tremendous loss and she just found out. She said she couldn't even process what she was doing or where she was, but that she just wasn't here right now and how sorry she was for almost crashing.

So I hugged her (this was way pre-Covid in case you are wondering). I told her I was a Medium (which was new for me to even be saying at the time), and I told her it was going to be okay. We talked for a few more moments and then we parted ways. I knew she was feeling better and I knew that we had been placed in each other's paths for a reason, but as she walked away I was still feeling all of those emotions. The levels of grief.... how was I going to shake this feeling?

The resolution for me was a salt bath at home, a connection with my guides that I was safe and that I had helped someone today. I had released any thoughts, feelings and emotions that were not mine to own, and learned a LOT about myself from this one particular experience. I wish I could say that this was a "rare" occurrence in my life but that is the furthest thing from the truth. It's daily. It's at the store, at the bank, at a random kids birthday party. It's a lot of feeling.

It can be exhausting "FEELING" all of the time and if you ask any Empath they will tell you the same. It's rewarding but exhausting. It's a never ending cycle of "feel" and filtering out what is yours and what isn't. It's part of the calling for those who lead a life of service to others, especially with the Healers.

Now think about those who don't realize that they are Empaths. Think about the children, teens, young adults, adults, and elderly who go through life never knowing how special they are. How unique their gift really is. Instead, they may face a life of addiction or may be diagnosed and medicated their entire lives to slow their minds down. I want to bring attention to how our local Energy Healers can help these individuals. So if you're reading this article and it resonates with you.... shoot me a message and let's talk.

- Jenn

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