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Meet Jenn

The frequency behind Happy Healing 4 U

Thank you so much for stopping by! I know for some of you even getting here is a big step, so congratulations if that's where you are at! Welcome to my world of Reiki Healing, Energy Healing and being a Psychic Medium <3. 

Happy Healing 4 U is a non-denominational safe haven for the community on an energetic level. It's a safe, spiritual place to heal. A place I wish I had when I was growing up.

I started seeing spirits at 5 years old, became an alcoholic at 12, and basically lived a life of self destruction not understanding why I was so different. 
I was introduced to Reiki the summer of my freshman year of college as a solution for the migraines I was having. This session changed my life in so many ways..but it showed me I wasn't actually totally insane. 

I stand in this picture in my full, empowered self. This August will mark my 20th Anniversary of Sobriety, and it's been during this time that I have continued to dedicate my life to helping others heal. I stand in front of you, expressing total joy in the fact that despite every single obstacle this empath has faced. 

I welcome you to explore the passion that is Happy Healing 4 U, and if I can ever be of service just reach out! 

- Jenn 

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